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Section 4 of School Emergency Response Plan and Management Guide

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Universal Emergency Procedures are a set of standard, clear directives that may be implemented across a variety of emergency situations.* When an emergency begins, the principal, as Incident Commander (IC), will decide which Universal Emergency Response Procedures to implement, based on the situation. A flowchart is included to aid the IC in making that decision. There are four basic procedures which can be utilized in responding to various emergencies:

  • Evacuation Procedures for Buildings
  • Alert Status
  • Lockdown Procedures
    • Shelter-in-Place
  • Severe Weather Safe Area Procedures
    • Drop, Cover, and Hold

These emergency response procedures are listed in the chart on the following page. Note that there are two variations of procedures—Section C, Lockdown and Shelter-in-Place; and Section D, Severe Weather Safe Area and Drop, Cover & Hold— to address special circumstances. For student/adult accounting, use the Emergency Attendance Sheet on Section 3 of this Guide.

* Adapted from FEMA, 1999, and Henniker Community School, 2000.