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Section 1 Preparedness

Table of Contents

Unit 1—Preparedness

Partnerships in Preparedness, Response, and Recovery -- 3
How To Use This Guide  -- 5
Preparedness: A Brief Introduction -- 7
Response: A Brief Introduction -- 9
Recovery: A Brief Introduction -- 10
Levels of Emergencies -- 11
Understanding the Impact of Large-Scale Disasters -- 12
Elements of Emergency Management and Preparedness  -- 13
Moral Responsibilities and Legal Aspects for Emergency Preparedness -- 16
Introduction to the Incident Command System (ICS) -- 18
Incident Command in Schools -- 20
My Role in an Emergency -- 22
Practicing the Plan: Levels of Practice and Exercises -- 25

Unit 2—Communication

When an Emergency Occurs -- 27
Dealing With Rumors -- 30
Technology -- 31
Strategies With Parents and Community -- 33
Sharing Information With Parents -- 34
Communication With the Media -- 35
Sample Statements to the Media -- 37
Sample Letter to Parents

See the full PDF version of Section 1 of School Emergency Response Plan and Management Guide

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