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Section 3 Units 2 and 3—School Emergency Response Plan Template and Floor Plans

Unit 2—School Emergency Response Plan

Using the information that the School Emergency Response Team gathered during the planning stage, create the plan and replace these blank template sheets with your school plan. The plan must also be uploaded to the intranet site. Complete the following:

  • Cover Page (instructions for completion attached to page)
  • School Emergency Response Team Assignments
  • Command Posts
  • Students Special Assistance: Master List
  • Classroom and Building ―Hazard Hunt‖ Master List
  • Assembly Area (outdoors)
  • Alternate Building Location (walking distance)
  • Alternate Building Location (requiring transport)
  • Occupant Accounting and Release
  • Maps of Evacuation Routes and Utilities

Unit 3—Floor Plans

This section must include a site plan that indicates the location of your building’s Command Post, Reunification Area, Media Area, Triage Area and the Assembly Areas. It should also describe the routes people will use when evacuating to those areas. The site plan must also show emergency equipment access, fire hydrant locations, the locations of any fuel storage tanks (above or below ground), and electrical transformers located in close proximity. Also, include locations of adjacent structures on the building property, including temporary structures and dumpsters.

Continued in the full PDF version of Section 3 of School Emergency Response Plan and Management Guide.

See also the Section 3 Unit 1—Creating the School Emergency Response Plan


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